Community Commitment

Local communities in Sumatra, where PaperOne™ products are made, are important to us here at APRIL Group. As we produce some of the highest quality paper in the region, we do not forget the roots of our success – the people whose lives are intertwined closely with our operations.

We hear what local communities have to say. APRIL Group partners local community leaders, resolving any possible conflicts in a fair and transparent manner with input and feedback from stakeholders.

We make significant contributions to the local and national economy, for example, by directly employing 5,400 people and partnering with 90,000 more people in businesses that supply or support us in the Riau province in Sumatra.

We also empower community farmers by upgrading their skills through training, while assisting some landowners to set up their own community fiber farms.

Selected villagers receive training from APRIL Group on how to raise and breed cattle and to use the manure as compost for organic gardening. They are also provided with start-up resources and given assistance by APRIL Group's field extension workers who live alongside them in the villages. Harvests such as fruits, vegetables and feed crops are then sold in the market or as a source of food for the family.

At the same time, APRIL Group's community forestry programme enables villagers to learn how to grow Acacia in communal areas for use in APRIL Group's mill. Apart from providing income, this scheme creates real partnerships between APRIL Group and the community as well as assist reforestation.

APRIL Group also provides support for local small businesses to grow and prosper. The assistance includes training, start-up support, financial aid, mentoring and marketing. Successful businesses supported by APRIL Group, range from mill-related industries such as pallet-making and log transport, to public transportation, cleaning services and home industries.

At the core of what we do, we believe that good infrastructure, healthcare and education help uplift communities. From providing scholarships to universities to bringing healthcare services to rural areas, we believe we make a difference to local communities.

Field representatives work with community leaders to identify needs and priorities, before supporting infrastructure projects, such as roads and bridges, provision of electricity and clean water, building mosques, churches and temples.

In the area of community health, APRIL Group also provides mobile clinics, nutritional supplements and free medical services including immunisation and minor surgery. To build a better future for the young ones in the community, APRIL Group also supports the construction of schools, provision of scholarships and teacher support schemes.

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